Gary Kleck on Gun Control

After the Aurora shooting, people have been asking me about gun rights and possible bans/regulations.

This is an interview I conducted about two years ago with world-renowned criminologist Gary Kleck. Once a gun control advocate, Dr. Kleck did years of research and ended up becoming one of today’s leading supporters of gun rights.

My stance, long story short: Gun bans do nothing but hurt lawful Americans; criminals aren’t going to worry about permits or licenses, and putting these regulations on the books only makes it harder for lawful citizens to protect themselves.

This is the stupidest reasoning I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately it keeps on going. In most European countries where guns are strictly controlled … there are barely any shooting incidents except for WITHIN the criminal circuit. There are no criminals shooting innocent people. It rarely EVER happens. Wanna guess why that is?

Note that this doesn’t mean I believe the US needs to become like Europe. I’ve learned to understand the reasoning behind the right to bear arms and all that. Whether there would need to be more gun-control or not and everything related to that is not what I want to start discussing here. All I’m trying to say here is that this ever-reused ‘argument’ is COMPLETELY flawed. Stop it, for fuck’s sake, stop it. That, and the worn out ‘guns don’t kill people’ line. It’s more complex than that. A lot more complex.

The theater (owned by Cinemark) in Aurora has a Pro-Gun control policy - No guns are allowed at ANY theater. Aurora has strict gun control lines.  A mass murder occurred within that theater complex. So much for Pro-Gun Control.

Additionally the psycho had built bombs that were waiting for the police. Another potential mass murder.

Why is the truth a tired old worn out lie? Guns don’t kill people. Bombs don’t kill people. Knives don’t kill people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country yet dozens of murders are committed every month there. What was Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s solution in an interview with Scott Pelley? Mayor Rahm Tells Gang Bangers It’s OK to Kill.

Catch that? “Get away from that kid. Take your stuff (Murder) to the alley”. Ahh yes that awesome Pro-Gun Control works so well that we have a mayor from one of the biggest cities in the country telling gangbangers to go murder down the alley. You know where people can’t see it and kids aren’t in the middle of it, so I don’t have to explain it.

I’ll take your word for it that you’re not for the complete banning of all guns in America. Let’s start talking about educating people who purchase firearms. Educate on both the law, safety, and operation of a firearm.

Lastly - On the night of the Aurora mass murder 100 hundred million firearm owners in America didn’t kill someone.

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